Ultrasound scans

Early ultrasound

Preformed from 6+0 - 13+6 weeks of pregnancy

We will take you on a guided tour - we will control if the pregnancy is intrauterine, how many fetuses are present, hear the baby´s heartbeat and assess whether the pregnancy is developing normally. 

We measure the length of the fetus and calculate a temperary due date. Please note that the final due date will not be determined until the 1. trimester scan at the hospital, when the size of the fetus makes it possible to calculate the due date more accurately. 

The final due date will not be known until the nuchal translucency scan (1. trimester scan) when the size of the fetus makes it possible to calculate the due date more accurately.

If you are 7+0 weeks pregnant, you are guaranteed to see and hear your baby´s heartbeat.

Tidlid ultrasound

Gender scan

Performed from week 14+0
It is not possible to see the gender earlier.

From week 14+0 onwards, we guarantee being able to reveal your baby´s gender. 

If there are circumstances that make it difficult for us to say with certainty the gender of your baby, you will be offered a new appointment free of charge. 

It could be the possition of the umbilical cord between the legs of the baby, the position of the baby or a slight immaturity of the gender itself that makes it difficult to determine the gender of the fetus. 

We listen to the heartbeat, see the baby move, measure and assess its well-being and the amount of amniotic fluid.

Gender scan

Growth Scan

Performed from week 14+0 - 40+0

In this type of ultrasound , we focus on the baby's weight and any abnormalities. We measure the heart action and assess the amniotic fluid volume. 

If necessary, we will check the bloodflow in the placenta, to give us information on the baby´s wellbeing.

All this, to see if the child is thriving and growing as expected.

Gender scan

3d/4d ultrasound

Performed from week 25+0 - 32+0

This type of ultrasound can be performed throughout the entire pregnancy, however, the best results are achieved between 25+0 to 32+0 weeks of pregnancy, when the age of the baby and the amount of amniotic fluid provide the most optimal conditions for image quality. 

This is where the portrait really stands out as we can scan all the way around the fetus. You might see a feature you recognize from the father or mother?

4D is a short film clip of between 5-10 seconds where you can see the fetus' movements and facial expressions. You may also be lucky enough to see the baby drinking amniotic fluid or opening its eyes. 

If there are conditions that make it difficult to perform the scan, you will be offered a new appointment free of charge up to 32+0 weeks of pregnancy.

However, the perfect photos also depend on factors that we can't always change and it is to be expected that the quality of the photos will vary between pregnant women.

Note: Members of "Denmark" can get a 300 kr subsidy when booking ultrasound of 40 min duration

3d/4d ultrasound

Anomaly scan

Performed from week 19+0 - 22+0

Gravidklinikken follows the obstetric recommendations for Anomaly scan from the Danish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

During the malformation scan, we guide you through the anatomy of the fetus and thoroughly check all organs for malformations, including: Brain, heart, face, abdominal wall, gastrointestinal system, kidneys, bladder, arms, legs and back.

We assess the amount of amniotic fluid and measure the circumference of the head, abdomen and femur to see if the baby is growing properly.

Anomaly scan also includes a midwife consultation

Anomaly scan

NIPT - Non-Invasive Prenatal Test


Performed from 10+0 - 24+0 weeks of pregnancy

NIFTY PRO tests take advantage of the presence of small amounts of fetal DNA in the pregnant woman's blood. The test consists solely of a 10 ml blood sample taken from the pregnant woman at 10+0 to 24+0 weeks of pregnancy. From this blood sample the baby's DNA and chromosomes 21 (Down's syndrome), 18 (Edwards syndrome) and 13 (Patau's syndrome) can be examined.


Nifty PRO is based on the latest advances in non-invasive prenatal testing. The test has been tested in scientific studies to identify the risk of certain chromosomal defects in the fetus.

What makesNifty PRO unique is that it not only assesses the risk of trisomy 21, 18, 13 and defects on sex chromosomes X and Y - it also it also calculates the risk for trisomy 9, 16 and 22. In addition, it checks for 84 different microdeletion and duplication syndromes.



Performed from 10+0 - 24+0 weeks of pregnancy

EVITA tests take advantage of the presence of small amounts of whole fetal cells in the pregnant woman's blood. 

The test consists solely of a blood sample taken from the pregnant woman at 10+0 - 14+6 weeks of pregnancy and is therefore completely safe for the fetus.

The test is the only one that checks for abnormalities at all 23 pairs of chromosomes.

The blood sample is analyzed using a special technology and assessed by a genetics specialist.

The test has been developed in Denmark over almost 2 decades and the analysis of the sample is carried out by the Department of Clinical Genetics in Aarhus.

The test is a very in-depth screening, similar to  CVS and amniocentesis, as it is the only one on the market that analyzes whole fetal cells (unlike NIPT, which is a cell-free test). However, the test is not diagnostic like a CVS and amniocentesis is, but qualifies as a screening. This means that an affected blood test result will be referred for further genetic testing at the hospital. 

The test is not dependent on the BMI of the pregnant woman and can be used by all pregnant women carrying one baby.

Response time is within 12 working days from the test being taken.

Read more about the test here.


Acupuncture for common pregnancy and maternity problems

Offered throughout pregnancy

Acupuncture for pregnancy and maternity symptoms can help with the following:

- Nausea/vomiting

- Pelvic and back pain

- Fluid in the body

- Sciatica pain

- Swelling or "numbing" hands and feet

- Pain

- Headache

- Constipation/haemorrhoids

- Psychological cause; anxiety, restlessness, irritability

- Help to quit smoking

Acupuncture for birth maturation
(incl. membrane sweep)

Offered from week 37+0 (but from week 40+0 if you choose membrane sweep)

Maturation/natural induction acupuncture:

Acupuncture can help your body prepare for labor and reduce the likelihood of you going past your due date. In addition, studies have shown that maturation acupuncture can shorten the duration of labor by several hours.

membrane sweep:

A membrane sweep is performed by inserting a finger up the cervical canal and into the uterus, where the amniotic membranes are loosened from the uterine wall with a rotating motion. This releases a hormone that promotes tissue growth.

The more prepared your body is for childbirth, the better membrane sweep works, and therefore the effect will vary greatly depending on how mature the conditions are.

The treatment can be repeated if necessary.

Acupuncture for preparing for childbirth

Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture has been shown in several studies to increase the chance of pregnancy, whether you are trying to conceive spontaneously or are undergoing fertility treatment.

In Chinese medicine, the starting point is the individual's imbalances and therefore the treatment is targeted you or your partner after an initial conversation where a diagnosis is made. It is therefore irrelevant whether you know the reason why the pregnancy is not occurring.

The treatment can be targeted, the woman, the man or both parties.

Acupuncture for menopause

It varies greatly how much a woman is affected by symptoms during menopause, or what is also known as menopause. It typically happens around the age of 45-55 years. There is a shift in the female hormones, which can cause various imbalances. Symptoms can include hot flushes, sweating, emotional problems, dry mucous membranes and skin, headaches, sleep problems and mood swings.

Acupuncture can relieve these symptoms either completely or reduce the discomfort you may experience by helping the body to rebalance itself. If you recognize any of these symptoms, acupuncture may be a good solution for you.

It varies how many treatments you need. Most people will experience improvement after the first treatment, but often 3-6 treatments are needed to have a more lasting effect.

Acupuncture - Pregnancy issues

Acupuncture for menstrual issues

Unfortunately, many people think that it is normal to experience discomfort during menstruation. This can include more or less pain, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, sleeping problems, depression, mood swings or headaches.

Some people use painkillers consistently and may have sick days due to the discomfort of menstruation. They are often offered hormone therapy in the form of contraceptive pills or an IUD to alleviate the symptoms, which may be justified in some cases. However, it can often be alleviated with acupuncture and thus without the use of hormone supplements or painkillers, both of which have some side effects.

You will usually see results after just a few treatments. So if you know a young teenager, if you have a daughter, or if you have problems with your period, give acupuncture a try and see how effective it can be.

Acupuncture for Menstrual Issues

Midwife consultation

Midwife consultation
- Pregnant women

Offered throughout pregnancy

Do you need continuity and would like to see the same midwife throughout your pregnancy? Do you want a midwife who has time to listen and takes the time to answer all your questions? - then you should choose our private midwife.


We start from your needs and questions and discuss expectations, sexuality during pregnancy, physical activity, diet, pregnancy discomforts, breastfeeding, thoughts about birth, pain relief, etc.

Assessment of the child's position and weight

How does the baby turn? What is its approximate size? Is it growing as it should and is the baby's head firmly attached to the pelvis? Do you need to lie down if you have water breaks? All these questions will be addressed during the consultation.

Measuring whether the uterus is growing:

With the so-called 'symphysis-fundus' measurement, your uterus is measured from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus and plotted on a chart to see if your baby is growing properly.

Listening to baby's heartbeat:

If your husband is participating, or if there are older siblings, together we can palpate your belly and listen to the heartbeat of the baby with a wooden stethoscope or doptone.

Examination of blood pressure and urine:

You will be checked to see if you are at risk of developing pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced diabetes.

Midwife consultation - Pregnant

Midwife consultation
- Getting ready for birth

Do you feel ready for your upcoming birth? Do you have any questions, thoughts or concerns? Are you scared, nervous or are there just some areas you need clarification in relation to the birth? It may be a previous pregnancy/birth where you need to talk some things through.

It may be the first time you are giving birth and need to find peace in what is coming. Regardless, you have the opportunity to come to a conversation where there is time and room to help you and take your situation as a starting point.

The conversation can be combined with acupuncture treatment, which can be soothing for anxiety, worry, uneasiness, racing thoughts or difficulty sleeping.

Midwife consultation - Ready for Birth

Midwife consultation
- Postnatal consultation

Do you have questions, thoughts or concerns after your birth? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process you have been through and need to put some things in place? Can't let go of the process completely and don't really feel that you can move on?

At a postnatal consultation, we will talk through your progress and discuss any experiences that you need clarification on. 

You may want to bring your journal from the last birth with you, so we can go through what happened together, to perhaps give better clarity on what happened and when.

The conversation can be combined with acupuncture treatment, which can be calming for anxiety, worry, restlessness, mindlessness or sleep problems. 

Therapist/Coach conversations

Therapist/Coach conversation - Family formation and parenthood

Offered throughout pregnancy

What challenges do couples face when trying to balance the daily life of a family with young children?

Therapist/Coach conversation - Getting off to a good start

Learning to read your baby's signals (0-3 months)

Information for parents on how to read their child's communication and support sleep patterns, well-being and development.

Therapist/Coach conversation - Attachment to the child before and after birth

The development of motherhood and fatherhood can bring both joy and frustration. The conversation can provide strategies as a preventive tool for healthy relationship building.